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Baker-Boutique Professional Silicone Pastry/Dough Mat

Size: 23 1/3″x 15 1/5″ (591 x 386mm)
Thickness: 0.45mm(+/-0.05mm)
Weight: 4.4 oz / 125g (+/- 5g)
Manufacturer: Baker-Boutique

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                                            Why Choose The Baker Boutique Silicone Pastry Mat
Baker-Boutique is committed to providing talented professionals with new shapes and form of baking equipment that will allow people to unleash their imagination and creativity. And Baker-Boutique continually innovating creative new concepts that promote the development of baking industry and provide solutions for technical challenges. 
Besides, Baker-Boutique refuse to compromise when it comes to quality and only offer the highest quality to all of our customers. In order to maintain the highest quality, our factory are not only completely automated but rather much of the work is performed in hands with highly skilled professionals, cause we are committed to meeting the highest standards of quality and excellence.



Measuring Mat
Baker-Boutique Silicone Pastry Mat includes all the measurements you need!
-Diameter in Inches.
-Diameter in Centimeters.
-Oven Temperatures: °C = °F.
-Weights: g/kg = oz/lb.
-Volume: ml/litre = fl oz/pt.
-Dimensions: inch = mm/cm.
In addition, Baker-Boutique possesses superior printing skills and attaches much importance to customers’ experience. The printings are high clear and never fall off after many times repeated use, which helps people to simplify the pastry process. And the printing ink is also made of silicone which is approved by FDA and LFGB, which is to prove it is non-toxic and make customers feel safe.



Baker-Boutique is critical to the raw material of the mat, we choose the highest level of fiberglass and WACKER liquid silicone to be the raw material, the fiberglass appears extremely clear and the gaps are quite equal with each other. Meantime, the WACKER liquid silicone performs very well, strong elasticity, good light reflection, smooth edges, no creases and debris, especially the characteristics of Non-stick, there’s no need for fats, oils, sprays or butter and it is quite easy to clean, which makes everyone to be like a pro.


Baker-Boutique pastry mat thickness is much thicker and more flexible than mats on the market,  which is safe for cookie cutters and near 3000 times repeated use due to its superior thickness and high quality raw materials. What’s more, Baker-Boutique pastry mat owns excellent temperature resistance(-40℉ to  480℉), perfect flexibility.

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